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Hi Everyone,
I am doing another Mixed Doubles Round Robin!!!!!  Let me know if you would like to play. If you cannot play, maybe your son,daughter or friend would be. Please pass it on.
Where: Whitsett (Weddington Tennis Center now)
When:  Sunday, July 18th from 5-7pm
Why: To have fun, of course!
Cost to play: $30.00
Play with your favorite partner. If you cannot find a partner,
I will set you up with one. I will be doing 3 levels 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
For a small entry fee of $30.00/per person, you will enjoy 2 hours of tennis fun and the opportunity to meet new people to play with. I will provide tennis courts, balls, and snacks.  A trophy will be given to top teams in each  division as well as a small prize for 2nd place winners.
Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Stacey Cohen
USPTA Teaching Professional
Studio City Tennis

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